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44th Swansea Scout Group

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Welcome to the web pages of the 44th Swansea Sketty Church Scout Group.
This is a new web site under development so we'll be adding more and more features as time goes by.  We don't know what they will be yet so why don't you visit us again to see what we have achieved.
We aim to have a page for every section in the group, program information,  useful information for parents, a guestbook perhaps a photo page as well as links to other Scouting based web sites which we think are interesting.
Who knows what the final result will be ?????
By the way - the annoying song in the background is dedicated to Roland, our group chairman, and the more he complains about it the longer it stays on here!
Click here if you fancy a sing song and you will be taken to another Scouting related web site created by one of our leaders.
Also, why not leave a message in our guestbook. We would love to hear from you especially if you were a member of he group in the dim and distant past perhaps as a Beaver, Cub, Scout or leader.
Go on, you know it makes sense! 

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You will find various links to other web sites throughout our web pages. Although we think they are interesting and useful we have no responsibility for the content of those web sites. The 44th Swansea Scouts cannot be held responsible for any innacuracy they may contain or for how you decide to use the information they supply.